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"Wendy is highly intuitive and empathic. She actively listens to what my concerns are and imparts gems of wisdom that seem to drop from the sky. She has a very clear and direct way of shedding light on the truth of a matter. Wendy has provided Reiki for me for various needs. Every time I receive a Reiki session from Wendy, it is as if my heart opens up - the channel is cleared and I feel clarity and connection to my higher-self. Wendy is the real deal and truly has the gift. I've benefited greatly from the healing Reiki that she offers."

Rina H

I'm a believer

"Wendy was great at explaining in detail on her healing system, afterwards she was flexible in her schedule to help me in a much needed time. Give her a try and see how strong her energy is!"

Luis K

I'm a believer

"Wendy is a very calm, charming and gifted Reiki Healer. After several sessions, I have discovered that my knee pain has resolved. I also now feel an overall sense of wellness. I am VERY impressed with the results that I experienced. At the end of the sessions, I always feel relaxed, calm and lighthearted. I whole heartedly recommend Wendy. "

Cheryl C

I'm a believer

"I was already familiar with Reiki and felt like I was due for a session. I have been sick with kidney stones, and given a date for surgery. For almost 4 years I’ve been browsing Google to find the right person in VA or MD. I saw Wendy‘s picture and was drawn to her peace and calming demeanor. I had a positive gut feeling, so I sent her an email. The first session was distant and amazing. I was free of pain before my surgery! My second session was in person, bringing me more calm, peace, more focus, and positive energy. What a powerful experience! And I loved the fact that Wendy and I talked about my experience after it was complete. Her compassion, energy, and professionalism have not only benefited me but others around me. Wendy creates a sacred space and a feeling of safety and love while giving Reiki. She is a true healer, sharing her gifts for my self-discovery and transformation. Her sessions promote deep relaxation and a feeling of empowerment and well-being. I highly recommend her service! "

Hernan V

I'm a believer

"Wendy is very intuitive. She balanced my chakras and removed blockages during the Reiki session. She is truly an empathetic healer and has brought love and light to my life challenges. I would love to continue the healing sessions from Wendy either in person or distant."

Trish H

I'm a believer

"My session with Wendy was wonderful. As she facilitated the Reiki energy, I became more relaxed and calm after being extremely stressed and anxious. It felt like I was being bathed in compassionate and loving energy. I wanted to stay in that state for as long as possible. It was amazing. I have seen Wendy do Reiki sessions with cats and their responses are extremely positive. Typically, as soon as she starts, the cat will come close to her and then lie down in a position where the area they want treated is most exposed to her. Some go into the Reiki “trance” and others stay quiet until the session is finished. It is very obvious that they are experiencing the healing energy of Reiki with Wendy."

Kathy H

I'm a believer

"Wendy brings a unique balance of personal strength with gentle compassion. Her loving care using multiple healing modalities can bring comfort and support in a range of circumstances. I felt an immediate shift in my energy and perspective after working with her."

Dawn D

I'm a believer

"Wendy Chang is amazing . I received an amazing reading from her. Wendy’s messages were spot on and gave me the guidance/answers I needed! She is so kind and soothing. Wendy also did Animal Communication and healing with my son’s dog, who was recently injured. The first day she did this with our dog I could notice a difference. Opa has been sad since our son, her boy, left for the Marines. Since Wendy communicated with Opa she has been more open and playful with us and I can feel some of the sadness lifting. The Vet was also very impressed at how well Opa was healing. I highly recommend Wendy for so many of her gifts. She has helped me in so many ways."

Claire F

I'm a believer

"Wendy is a very gifted medium with a strong connection to spirit. She receives messages quickly and has a very fluid style, like she is dancing with the energy. I love the way she gives a healing at the same time as she is transmitting the message! So much of what she told me resonated and I can validate many specific details that she picked up on. At one moment I even got emotional as her message touched me so deeply. Thank you Wendy!!"

Tara G

I'm a believer

"Wendy facilitated such an incredible healing and attunement. It was powerful and eye opening. I immediately felt the shift of energy. She is incredible. I love her gentle spirit that brings in a powerhouse of deep connection!!!!! Highly, highly recommend."

Jaime H

I'm a believer

"I had an incredible reading and healing with Wendy. So many evidences! After she worked in my throat chakra I was releasing for hours. Her delivery style is honest with humor also. I felt better on so many levels after my session. I highly recommend Wendy."

Patty H

I'm a believer

"I first met Wendy in an online group we were taking together. Her gentle, sweet, intuitive healing and channeling gifts were a blessing to be part of. She is an amazing wonderfully gifted woman. I am honored to know her! As well as having gotten channeled readings from her about my spirit guides and chakra clearing. You will be grateful she has come into your life to help you and guide you as to what you need spiritually, to heal yourself!"

Tami A.S

I'm a believer

"Wendy conducts her readings/healings in such a gentle, loving manner you feel as if you are talking to a long time friend. Her channeled messages hit home, and I accepted the healing she was guided to offer me. I highly recommend her services."

Lillian F

I'm a believer

"I was fortunate enough to attend one of Wendy's, virtual gallery readings via Zoom. It was a small intimate group, where she read everyone individually. The experience was indeed magical to witness. Wendy was able to bring forth passed loved ones and their messages for me. She did so in such a graceful, and compassionate manner. I highly recommend her services, she's very blessed and gifted. I look forward to future bookings with her."

Katrinka D

I'm a believer

"I have had several sessions with Wendy and I don’t think any words will adequately describe how I feel about her. She is more than gifted, more than a healer, more than a channel, more than an intuitive and more than a kind and loving soul. I am thankful that I know her and that she has shared her special gifts with me to offer healing, guidance and exciting news about the coming days. I am ever thankful to Wendy and will always go to her when I am in need of assistance of any kind. She is a great blessing to us all. But the word blessing is an understatement. Thank you, Wendy!"

Tia K

I'm a believer

"I reached out to Wendy for an animal communication session. It was for my dogThora, who had been struggling with some physical issues the last few weeks. I had questions about how she felt, if she was happy, and what we could do to help her and support her. Wendy brought through such beautiful details of Thora’s personality that she could never have known. It felt really validating, Wendy also gave me some very good advice on how to help and support Thora through this healing process. Wendy really set my mind at ease with this reading and reminded me of the 'little things' my dog loves about and being with us. We humans sometimes easily forget about them, but Wendy’s reading pulled me right into appreciation mode. ❤ I would def. recommend Wendy and would love to go back for another session !"

Nathalie S

I'm a believer

"Wendy is a very talented and gifted reader, that can communicate with animals spirits. I was lucky to receive messages from my pets' spirit through Wendy, and what I can say is that it all brought me peace and love. Her reading was very accurate and the messages were really useful. She also did some healing to one of my cats, and I cannot thank her enough for this amazing help. I totally recommend Wendy. Her kindness cannot be explained. Keep shining the love within you!"

Karina L

"I never had never tried reiki before but last year it all came together. It all started when I was undergoing some stressful situations at work along with some personal life changes happening. This made my year very emotionally hard and draining. However, I am a true believer that God puts people in your path for a reason. I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy and during my short interactions with her, she was always welcoming and genuine. In fact, there was something that I can't really explain but it made me trust her and pushed me to reach out for help. We didn't really know each other but I followed my gut feeling for seeking help from Wendy and guess what? She helped and came to the rescue without a doubt. Learning more about what reiki is and the importance of taking care of one's energy, really made me realize that this was much needed from my part. After so many sessions, I was calm and successfully overcame the challenges that came my way. Wendy, truly has the genuine and special touch of healing and helping those that need it. I without a doubt recommend her as well as her professionalism and learn more about reiki."

Teri R

I'm a believer

My Dearest Wendy, I have so much love and gratitude to share with you. Where do I start. I truly love you and thank you for your friendship and for sharing your light with me. You are one of Gods gifts to humanity. The pure love you embody and saturate into your work shows on the faces of the people and animals you have touchedwith your God given healing energies. SPIRIT moves through you and with you. You most certainly are a Healer of Healers. For many years I've had a knowing that I was a healer. A healer with baggage lol. After 20 yrs. Of working with children with disabilities God knocked on my door and my life has never been the same since. I left that position and have never looked back. I moved forward with my spiritual path. I've taken Reiki 2 and have started working with energy, plants and animals and self soul work. Something was still blocking my direction and a clear channel with spirit. Until now. Wendy after our first session I slept for 5 hrs. After a few days I noticed my meditation taking a deeper turn and my connection stronger. I was excited and Asked what more can Wendy show me???.....Holy Cow Wendy spirit sure did show me. Your gifts are astounding!! Once again after you channeled my inner child and some ancestors I knew my inner child was the missing piece to my puzzle. I took her into meditation. Things started to shift. But after you sent me the recording of you last healing and channeling I was blown away. I felt the healing ...I cried some much needed tears of pain and now joy. Releasing all of it just letting them come. It was so freeing. I am meditating without resistance. I've since opened up connections with 5 of my guides. Yes 5. This has opened me up to a whole new me. Transformation is a beautiful thing and you my dear where the spring on my diving board. I'm swan diving right into the flow of my life. More present then I've been my whole life. And I look forward to what's next with eyes and mind open wide. Thank You Spirit for Wendy❤❤❤ Blessings to her for the work she does. With so much love and gratitude!

Denise W

Letter from Denise W

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