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Reach optimal health

About Wendy Chang

Nutrition, Reiki, and Qi as a holistic approach towards reaching optimal health.

Wendy has a Master’s degree in Nutrition. Her two decades as a Registered Dietician has given her a keen understanding of the many challenges we face when making decisions about our diet. She has presented her approaches in numerous educational programs for adults, children, and adolescents.

Wendy believes that chronic diseases can be prevented starting from childhood. She teaches school age children by incorporating nutrition knowledge into fun lesson plans and activities. Wendy shares her knowledge with adults through speaking engagements where she provides information and tools for incorporating the most current scientifically based nutrition strategies to improve overall health and well-being.

Self-Care is everyone’s responsibility. Wendy helps you to treat your body as your best friend through healthy lifestyle changes outwardly while providing healing modalities inwardly.

Wendy currently works in Veterans Affairs providing weight management services to our national heroes. Wendy also volunteers at Animal Welfare League at Montgomery County to provide monthly Animal Reiki to shelter animals. Her unconditional love of animals has given Wendy many insights into the fundamentals that create for each of us a loving, caring environment. Through her experience and skills, Wendy developed Nutrition ReiQi to provide others a path to inner balance and peace.

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